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Solar Thermal Energy System Project
(1) High Water Level Valve
(2) Low Water Level Valve
(3) Storage Tank for Cold Water
(4) Water Level Sensor
(5) Electric Boiler
(6) Cold Water Supply
(7) Controller
(8) Storage Tank for Hot Water
(9) Temperature Sensor
(10) Water Level Sensor
(11) Hot Water Supply Pipe
(12) Hot Water Return Pipe

Technical Specifications

Item Solar collector type Storage tank Controller Pump Heat Exchanger
SEIDO1 Heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector SEIDO2 Direct flow evacuated tube solar collector PG Flat collector Unpressurized storage tank Pressurized storage tank
Parameter Evacuated tube Dimension 2000×
Evacuated tube Dimension 2000×
Capacity 1~10T Capacity 200~ 500L Differential temperature regulator Circulation solar pump Plate Heat Exchangers
Evacuated tube Quantity 8/16 Evacuated tube Quantity 8/16 Coating Anodi-
Inner tank SS304-2B Inner tank Enamel tank Technology
Technology from Denmark Technology from USA
Head box Insulation PU Head box Insulation PU Frame Aluminum Insulation PU Insulation PU It provides a clear operating concept and is equipped with the illuminated combined display with system-monitoring. Flashing symbols for sensors, pumps and valves enable an immediate allocation of temperatures, temperature differences and active actuators. Optimized hydraulics for high efficiency Reduced power consumption High-efficiency motors Electro-coated to ensure high corrosion resistance High Efficiency with Life Cycle Support Modularity For Flexibility High Heat Transfer Rates Compact Design Self-Cleaning Action

Comparison between Solar Energy System and Conventional Energy System

Economic Comparison in line with the structural characteristics of domestic solar energy system and relevant costs (Unit: ten thousand Yuan)
Solar energy system
(Electric auxiliary heating)
Boiler system Heat pump system
Flat Plate Glass vacuum tube Heat pipe vacuum tube Electrical power Fuel Fuel gas
Life span 15 years 5~6 years 6~8 years 6~8 years 9~10years
Initial Investment 25.0 21.0 30.0 4.5 5.5 5.5 12.5
Purchasing, replacement and maintenance costs of the equipment during 15 years 0.5 0.9 1.3 8.0 8.5 8.5 6.2
Annual operation costs 2.5 2.5 2.5 9.4 7.8 5.0 3.5
Operating costs during 15 years 37.5 37.5 37.5 141.0 117.0 75.0 52.5
Total costs of equipment purchasing and operation 63.0 59.4 68.8 153.5 131.0 89.0 71.2
Unit price of energy Solar fraction: 70% 0.6 Yuan /kwh 5.0 Yuan /kg 2.8 Yuan /m3 0.6 Yuan /kwh

Payback Period and Emission Reduction Table of the Solar Energy System

Type of the solar collector Heat pipe vacuum tube collector Glass vacuum tube collector Flat plate collector
Conventional energy costs saved by the per square meter of the collector annually (Yuan) 300~550 250~500 250~450
Payback period of the equipment (year) 4~7 year 3~6year 3~6year
Emissions of pollutants saved by the per square meter of the collector annually (KG) CO2 431.99 385.43 352.18
SO2 9.744 8.69 7.94
CO 3.68648 3.29 3.01
NOX 0.58464 0.52 0.48
Smoke and dust 1.7864 1.59 1.48
Note: For the conventional energy with different unit prices and used in different areas, the payback period of the solar energy system varies greatly.

The solar thermal energy system project can be illustrated from the following 4 aspects, including solar water heating system, control system, water circulating pump as well as hot water storage tank.

Solar Water Heating System
The solar water heating system can be basically divided into natural circulation system, forced circulation system as well as direct flow system. Customers can choose appropriate systems in line with their installation conditions, their management abilities, the type of the collector, the usage of the hot water, etc.

The solar water heating system, as an important part in the solar thermal energy system project has been widely adopted as the centralized hot water supply system for hotels, hospitals, schools as well as places. It can be used for industrial preheating, green house system, desalination of sea water, etc. We can supply guidance for system integration and installation. As for the big program, turnkey services, like EPC, are also available here.
The temperature control instrument is the core component of this solar water heating system and is introduced from Germany. It can achieve intelligentized and fully automatic operation, from the display of water temperature and water level through to the freeze protection as well as automatic replenishment of water and heat. Meanwhile, the functions of timing heating and water feeding as well as manual heating and water feeding are all available.

Control System
The control system adopted in this solar thermal energy system project can be put into use after being installed and well debugged. In the course of operation, it is able to automatically supply hot water as designed while requires no specialist person to operate. Its features can be concluded as follows.
1. The control system can realize automatic or manual temperature fixing and water drainage and forced circulation due to the temperature difference and other solar heating functions.
2. It supports automatic or manual start of supplementary heat source to complement the heat.
3. This system also provides automatic or manual water supplement and supply.
4. It can display and set the water level and temperature. The working conditions of the water pump can also be well monitored.
5. The control equipment can be well protected from freeze and electric leakage. This system also provides failure warning function.
6. If needed, this control system can be remote monitored via the computer.

Water Circulating Pump
In the solar thermal energy system project, the performance of the hot water circulating pump has a direct impact on the stability of the whole system. Our hot water circulating pump is manufactured in line with the technology introduced from Denmark. In the course of operation over these years, it has been working stably and excellently. Furthermore, it has gained wide compliments among customers.

Hot Water Storage Tank
As the hot water storage device in the solar thermal energy system project, the water tank has an influence on not only the heat storage effect but also the safety of the whole system. Accordingly, we strictly control the tank quality from the selection of raw material to the molding technique so as to ensure its safety and excellent thermal insulation properties. Meanwhile, designed with exquisite appearance, the hot water storage tank can be used in various places.

Sunda is an experienced solar thermal energy system project provider in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including flat plate solar water heater, direct flow solar vacuum tube, heat pipe solar collector and more.

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