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The solar water heater we supply here can be divided into heat pipe type and flat plate type or the integral type or the split type according to different standard. It comes in pressurize or unpressured systems. A common sanitary domestic water heating system usually comes with the solar collector, hot water tank, stand profiles and reflector. It is able to provide 70% of energy required for water heating throughout the year and practically 100% during the summer. Environmental friendly, highly reliable as well as competitively priced, the solar water heater has been widely accepted among customers at home and abroad.

Working Principle of Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Integral Type

(1) Thermosiphon system
(2) Pressurized tank
(3) Inlet hole
(4) Safety valve 0.6MPa
(5) Outlet pipe
(6) One-way pressure discharge valve(0.48MPa)
(7) 60℃ Warm water
(8) Floor Drain
(9) Unpressurized tank
(10) Overflow pipe
(11) Inlet pipe
(12) Outlet pipe
(13) Vent
(14) (Must be open at any time)
(15) Overflow pipe
(16) Basin/floor drain
(17) Tap Water
(18) Hot water
1: (19) Cold water valve
2: (20) Water mixing valve

Bringing SEIDO solar collector and water storage tank together, the heat pipe solar water heater is an ideal solution to supply hot water for private households (Sanitary Domestic Hot Water- SDHW). Owing to its features of environmental protection, high reliability as well as affordable price, such water heating system has been widely accepted all over the world, including China, Italy, Greece, Spain, Africa, etc. Furthermore, it is long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use and maintain. It can create high customer value while operating economically.

The solar collector used by the solar water heater is composed of SEIDO heat pipe vacuum tubes which are made of borosilicate glass with a thickness of 2.8 mm, an outer diameter of 100 mm and a length of 2000 mm. The aluminum absorber inside comes with an Al-N-O selective coating with the absorptance more than 0.94 and emittance less than 0.06. The air pressure inside the glass tubes is less than 0,001 Pa. With the high efficiency, the heat pipe can well transport the heat even with low solar irradiation and during winter. As the aluminum reflector integrated with the support frame which is made of plastic coated angle steel, this solar water heater not only has a pleasing appearance but also the features of built-in safety, durability and an easy installation. In addition, its reflective surface is made of polished aluminum to well keep the characteristics of reflection not degraded by the dust and aging.

(1) Pressurized tank
(2) Unpressurized tank
1: Outside cover
2: Insulation: direct-injected polyurethane foam with 50mm thickness.
3: Drain hole
4: Cold water inlet
5: Against water mixing equipment
6: SEIDO heat pipe vacuum tube
7: Copper thimble tube
8: Inner tank: enamel inner tank with high quality 2.0mm thickness steel
9: Warm water outlet
10: Electric heater boiler: water-electrical isolated heater.
11: Magnesium anode
12: TP valve
13: Airflow pipe
14: Overflow pipe
15: Side cover: EPDM

The side cover of the tank of the solar water heater is made of EPDM with additive to resist against ultraviolet irradiation and ageing. Furthermore, the tank cover adopts the colored steel for beautiful and elegant design. The inside of the 2mm alloy steel tank is coated with the quartz enamel to resist corrosion. Manufactured of high strength material, the tank can bear the 6 bar working pressure.

The tank is fabricated using the gas protection welding technology, a patented sealing technology, to avoid leakage problems during the operation of the solar water heater. There is also a unique and non-corroding protection tube between condenser and water without impact on the heat transfer and a magnesium bar as the sacrificial anode to protect the enamel inner tank.. Furthermore, expanded polyurethane insulation realizes perfect insulation, rigidity and tightness. It is injected in liquid form and expands after being injected. Additionally, the design of the tank makes the hot water and cold water separated from each other.

Features of Flat Plate Pressurized Type
1. The working medium flows inside the metal passageway, the copper tube, thus the flat plate solar water heater can work with high pressure, unaffected by the corrosion and free from water leakage.
2. Well tempered, the glass this product adopts has high strength, so it is hard to be broken. If broken, the tempered glass will hardly hurt people.
3. This water heating system can protect itself from overheat to ensure stable and safe operation. If the temperature of the water in the system is too high, the solar collector will dissipate the heat at a fast speed, thus the temperature is hard to rise and the pressure of system is prevented from increase. Hence, the system is well protected and the working medium is kept from decrease and evaporation.
4. Made of no fast-wearing parts, this flat plate solar water heater features high reliability. As the glass has no contact with the water, it cannot be broken by the temperature stress. Also, it is strong enough to resist cold or heat impact as well as the hail strike. Thus, it comes with zero maintenance.
5. This solar water heating system is long-lasting with the design life over 25 years and working life up to 30 years.
6. Having large effective aperture area, it has high heat collecting efficiency with the transient efficiency intercept over 80%. So it can absorb a lot of heat.
7. Employing the high purity copper tube, the flat plate water heating system is corrosion resistant and hard to create aerugo. Owing to the closed double circulation system, it produces no pollution and provides high quality water which can be drunk directly.
8. Indirectly heated, it is freeze-proofing. It can be used in alpine regions or in winter.
9. It is easy to install and carry.
10. The hot water comes out from the top of the solar water heater. Moreover, the standing water tank can be installed in the balcony or the bathroom. There is little cold water in it. As soon as this water heating system is switched on, the hot water will come out. Thus, it is easy and comfortable to use. Meanwhile, it is also water saving.
11. Since the hot water comes out from the top, the hot water and tap water can exchange with each other. No matter how the tap water pressure fluctuates, the pressure of hot water and that of cold water are the same all the time. After being adjusted by the mixing valve, the temperature stays relatively stable.

Features of Split Pressurized Type
1. With the solar collector separated from the hot water storage tank, this split solar water heater is suitable for various application requirements.
2. It is easy and convenient to use. The water is pollution-free, so this water heating system is highly safe and reliable for you to use. Furthermore, it is hard to be blasted and scaled as well as free of water leakage problem. The hot water is ready to use as long as you turn on the system.
3. The hot water storage tank has a capacity of 200L or 300L, meeting the requirements for large water supply.
4. The cover plate and vacuum tube of the solar water heater are made of internationally advanced low-iron glass with the light transmittance increased by over 10%. Furthermore, the high performance selective coating further optimizes the solar absorptance and heat emittance. The thickened thermal insulation layer reduces the heat loss coefficient.
5. The pressurized design provides users with comfortable shower experience.
6. This solar water heater adopts the double loop design. The primary loop uses the antifreeze medium which makes this system stably and safely under low temperatures.
7. The circulation control system used by this product is imported from Italy, which improves the durability and stability of the product.
8. The use of safety valve and decompression valve highly improves the safety of this water heating system. In addition, the temperature protection device with high safety is selected as the electrical auxiliary heating equipment. If the sunlight is not good enough, then the electrical auxiliary heating function can be started up to supply you hot water throughout the whole day.

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