Heat Pipe Split Solar Water Heating System

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Heat Pipe Split Solar Water Heating System

Our heat pipe split solar water heating system can be automatically controlled, thus bringing great convenience and comfort for people to use. It is designed with the pressurized system and can be easily integrated into the building without any influence to the appearance of the building. Energy saving and highly efficient, this product is also environmentally friendly and highly safe.

Technical Specifications

Model type SDSH-200 SDSH-300
(1) Temperature control system
(2) Hot water
(3) Tank
(4) Tap water
(5) Air separator
(6) Circulation control system
(7) Solar collector
(8) Automatic air vent valve
Collector Type Heat pipe evacuated tube collector
Quantity 1×SEIDO1-16 1×SEIDO1-16 & 1×SEIDO1-8
Aperture area 3.14 m2 3.14+1.57=4.71 m2
Tank Capacity 200L 300L
Dimension Φ520×1530mm Φ620×1530mm
Material Outer shell: 0.5mm Galvanized sheet
Inner tank: 2.0mm Enamel steel
Number of spiral coil 1
Insulation Polyurethane foam, 40mm thick
Inlet/outlet Connection 3/4"
Electric heater 1.5kW 2.5kW
Solar station Caleffi (Italy)
Expansion tank 18L
Operation pressure 0.4MPa

If not used for several days, this heat pipe split solar water heating system will easily get overheated. Fortunately, it can be well controlled by the PT valve in the system while the hot water released by the PT valve must be handled. In additionally, the antifreeze should be maintained promptly.

The heat pipe split solar water heating system is applicable in any area and for different users, especially for those who have higher demands for the artistic building as well as the large scale domestic hot water center system.

Working Principle
In this product, the heat pipe and water tank are separated from each other with the collector mounted on the roof while the water tank and other control units placed indoors. Making use of the temperature difference, the controller controls the pump to circulate the antifreeze to bring the heat collected by the solar collector to the coil heat exchanger of the tank to heat the water.

The heat pipe split solar water heating system is a relatively complete solar shower system which is composed of multiple solar vacuum tubes, water tank, controller as well as all kinds of valves. It comes in SDSH-200 and SDSH-300 models. To illustrate, the SDSH-200 model adopts the heating equipment composed of 16 SEIDO1 vacuum tubes. Such tubes can well absorb the solar energy and effectively heat the water in the tank with the maximum volume reaching 200L. This model occupies 3.14m2 and can be easily integrated into the roof of the building. The tank is designed in a cylinder shape with diameter being 520mm and height about 1530mm. Furthermore, taking up little space, this tank can also be placed indoors.
As compared with the SDSH-200 model, the SDSH-300 model is equipped with more vacuum tubes, so it can supply much more hot water for people to use but takes up more space. Customers can choose appropriate products according to their specific application needs.

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