Flat Plate Split Solar Water Heating System

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Flat Plate Split Solar Water Heating System

The flat plate split solar water heating system comes with the pressurized system. It features automatic operation, which brings more convenience and comfort for people to use. It can heat the water more effectively while consumes less energy, as compared with its counterparts in the current market. Therefore, it will exert no threat to the environment. In addition, the antifreeze should be maintained in good state to make this product work smoothly. Furthermore, this product can be well integrated into the building.

Technical Specifications

Model type SPPY-200 SPPY-300
(1) Temperature Controller (2) Tank (3) Hot Water (4) Tap Water (5) Air Separator
(6) Circulation Control System (7) Automatic Air Vent Valve (8) Solar Flat Collector
Collector Type Flat plate collector
Quantity 2 3
Aperture area 2×2=4 m2 2×3=6 m2
Tank Capacity 200L 300L
Dimension Φ520×1530mm Φ620×1530mm
Material Outer shell: 0.5mm Galvanized sheet
Inner tank: 2.0mm Enamel steel
Number of spiral coil 1
Insulation Polyurethane foam, 40mm thick
Inlet/outlet Connection 3/4"
Electric heater 1.5kW 2.5kW
Solar station Caleffi (Italy)
Expansion tank 18L
Operation pressure 0.4MPa

Owing to the above benefits, this product can be used all around the year in any area. It is especially ideal for the users living in villa or big house who have higher demand for both the artistic building and large scale domestic hot water center system.

Working Principle
Flat plate split solar water heating system separates the solar collector from the water tank. The solar collector can be placed on the roof or other places where the solar irradiation is good so as to well absorb the solar energy. Moreover, the water tank as well as other control units can be placed indoors to avoid harsh weather conditions.

Taking advantage of the temperature difference, the controller control the pump to circulate the anti-freezing liquid to transfer the heat collected by the solar collector to the coil heat exchanger in the water tank so as to heat the water.

This flat plate split solar water heating system is available in SPPY-200 and SPPY-300 models which have 2 and 3 pieces of  2sqm flat collectors , respectively. The frame of the SPPY-200 model is 4m2 and that of the SPPY-300 model is 6m2. Additionally, the volume of the water tank of each of these two models is 200L and 300L, respectively. Owing to the strong water heating ability and large volume, this product is also suitable for commercial use.

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