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The flat plate solar water heater is composed of components made of highly durable material. With the large water flow rate, it is easy to operate. Its collector has a large aperture area. Additionally, the pressurized system is also adopted for closed circuit system. Apart from the high efficiency, this product is able to resist against rigid weather conditions, such as the hail. Also, it can be easily integrated into the facades of the buildings.

Technical Specifications

Model type SPPR-2.25/150 SPPR-3.0/200 SPPR-3.0/150-DL SPPR-4.0/200-DL
Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
Collector Type Flat plate collector
Dimension 1500×1500mm 1000×1500mm 1500×2000mm 1000×2000mm
Quantity 1 2 1 2
Aperture area (m2) 1.97 2.6 2.52 3.5
Tank Capacity 150 L 200 L 150 L 200 L
Inner tank 2mm Enamel steel 2mm Double layers enamel steel
Outer shell 0.5mm Colored steel plate
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Support material Angle steel with plastic
Operation pressure 0.6MPa
Electric heater 1.5kw
Gross weight without water (kg) 130 185 145 220

Introduction of Components
The flat plate solar water heater consists of flat collector, tank, support and other relevant devices. To illustrate, the collector comes with a framework made of thick aluminum profile in an elegant and practical shape. The collector is highly cost effective and incorporates the tempered glass cover for high endurance to the sun.

The back cover adopts the zinc plated steel plate with 0.5 mm thickness. The absorber is manufactured of copper-aluminum complex Sunstrip and with a high-efficiency selective coating for the maximum absorption of solar irradiation. Additionally, the thermal insulation layer uses the glass wool with a volume of 64 kg/m3 and 30 mm thickness. The tank of the flat plate solar water heater comes with a PP side cover and a colored steel plate outer shell with a thickness of 0.5 mm, which makes the tank look beautiful and elegant. Moreover, the inner tank is made of 2.0 steel with enamel coating. Furthermore, the tank is insulated with the polyurethane foam which creates perfect insulation, rigidity and tightness. Such foam is injected in liquid form and expands after injection. Additionally, made of copper, the set of linking tubes is well insulated by rubber plastic pipe.

Flat plate solar water heater links the solar collector and the water heating system together, which significantly reduces the installation space. It includes SPPR-2.25/150, SPPR-3.0/200, SPPR-3.0/150-DL and SPPR-4.0/200-DL models. The SPPR-4.0/200-DL model, equipped with 2 solar collectors, takes up 3.5m2 and weighs 220kg. The inner tank is made of double layers of enamel with 2mm thickness and the outer shell of 0.5 mm thick colored steel plate. Therefore, this type of product has a rigid structure. Its water loading capacity is 200L. Users only need to connect the solar heating shower to the water tank and use the hot water when the water is heated to required temperature by the solar collector. Such heating method is environmental friendly as well as convenient.

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