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The solar collector we supply here includes heat pipe type, direct flow type and flat plate type. These products feature exquisite design and high efficiency. To some extent, we can supply customized products with high adaptability in line with customers' demands for localized applications.

High quality guaranteed, the solar collector is long-lasting with a life span of at least 15 years with very little loss of efficiency. Indirectly linked to the water circle, its heat pipe vacuum tubes can be easily replaced and added. In addition, this product can be installed even in smallest areas and own higher average efficiency than flat collector and all glass vacuum tube collector throughout the year . So it is practically applicable at any domestic place for domestic water heating with over 70% of the hot water needs of an average household satisfied. Furthermore, its exceptional efficiency makes it ideal for the operation of larger systems for commercial or public use. This product is an ideal solution to single unit or large-scale installations for space heating and air conditioning projects.

Heating Circuit
The self-contained heating circuit transfers the heat from the solar collector to the indoor hot water storage tank with the help of a heat exchanger. Thereafter, the water is heated for domestic application. If the heat provided by this product is not sufficient enough to maintain the desirable temperature, then an other auxiliary heating system will be used to complete the heating process. Furthermore, the different temperature regulator, an electronic control unit, consistently checks if the temperature at the collector opening is higher than that in the indoor water storage tank. If higher, then heating circuit will be switched on by the control unit.

SEIDO1/5/10 Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Type
1. Introduction of the Components
a. The Collector Module, Header Box

1. Aluminum Profile Casting
2. Aluminum End Cap
3. Copper Inlet/Outlet of Manifold

The solar collector manifold casing and the end cap both use the silver aluminum profile or brown aluminum plate. The outer diameter of the copper inlet and outlet pipe nipples are 22mm, which makes the plumbing connections quick and easy to be done with the assistance of the readily available metric compression fittings. The FC-free polyurethane insulation with a thickness of 50 mm is employed for effective reduction of heat loss.

b. Manifold Header Pipe

1. Copper Manifold Header Pipe
2. Heat Pipe Port
3. Copper Inlet/Outlet

Whether the heat pipe and manifold are well connected or not is of critical importance for the heat transfer effects. Installed within the manifold casing, the manifold header pipe is manufactured of 1 mm thick copper pipe with a diameter of 28 mm for SEIDO1/5 solar collectors and with a diameter of 38 mm for SEIDO10 rated for a maximum pressure of 10bar. Moreover, the standard use is 6bar. Such design can be used for solar collecting system with 8, 16 and 20 evacuated tubes.

The condenser zone of the heat pipe is tightly inserted into the heat pipe port so that the dry connection between heat pipe and heat transfer fluid can be highly guaranteed. Such dry connection is perceived as one of the most significant advantages of our heat pipe tube products because it makes the solar collector modules particularly suitable for applications with poor water quality. Furthermore, dry connection can not only overcome the leakage problem occurring between the manifold and vacuum tube but also make the replacement of evacuated tubes much easier at any time, leaving the operation of the solar water heating system unaffected. It also enables the system to work with a high pressure of 10 bar, which is particularly beneficial for large heating and air condition projects.

c. Collector Frame
The collector frame is used to make the solar collecting system stably mounted on the roof. It is available in 4 types, suitable for solar devices with 8, 10, 16 or 20 vacuum tubes. The frame is composed of two side rails and a top and bottom support assembly. Made of stainless steel, it features quick and easy installation on roofs which are made of different types of materials or with angled surface or flat surface. Additional brackets are also available here.

2. Features
a. The heat pipe vacuum tube solar collector has all the advantages of the flat plate type, glass type as well as glass-metal sealing type. It has the highest technical content and widest application fields. It is suitable for various solar water heating systems in different scales for different applications, owing to its distinctive advantages of high efficiency, low heat loss, high output temperature, long operation life, etc.
b. Since the heat is transported by the heat pipe and the water does not flow through the collector itself, so such solar collecting system can be sheltered from the water leakage and scaling while maintain stable thermal efficiency. Additionally, this system can still operate even at -40℃, thus it can well overcome the freezing problem in winter that is frequently encountered by the ordinary solar thermal products.
c. Owing to the thermal diode effect of the gravity heat pipe, this product supports phase transition unidirectional heat transfer. This means that the heat can only be transported from the evaporation zone to the condensation zone, which can avoid the heat dissipation caused by the backflow in the night or on cloudy days.
d. Due to the small thermal capacity, this solar collector can be easily and quickly started up, even with little sunlight on cloudy days, to effectively absorb the solar energy. So it can be used in a great number of places, particularly for those having poor solar irradiation.
e. Since the working medium does not directly flow into the vacuum tube, the piping of the system can bear higher working pressure over 0.6Mpa. Meanwhile, since there is no water in the evacuated tube, if one or several tubes get damaged, the whole solar water heating system is able to stably work as usual without being interrupted. Therefore, such solar collecting device is a perfect choice for forced circulation solar collecting system.
f. If the temperature of the collector exceeds the critical temperature of the working medium, the heat pipe will stop heat transfer and will not create the phase-transition temperature, either higher than the evaporating temperature or lower than the condensing temperature. Thus, the heat pipe itself has the ability against freezing and overheat problems, which thoroughly solves the freezing problems in alpine regions as well as high temperature problems with no load. However, such problems can be commonly seen in other solar collecting systems.
g. Inserted with the header box, the heat pipe solar collecting instrument comes with large water transportation volume, safe mounting and demounting, easy maintenance as well as reliable operation.
h. It can be used for water heating, space heating, drying, air conditioning, desalination of sea water, even electricity generation, etc.

SEIDO2 Direct Flow Vacuum Tube Type
The SEIDO2 direct flow vacuum tube solar collector directly heats the working medium using the concentric tubes in the vacuum tube. Apart from the advantages of high operating temperature, good pressure bearing capability as well as excellent heat impact resistance, its heat collecting efficiency exceeds that of other types of solar collecting equipment. This product can also be installed horizontally or with simplified frame to reduce the installation space. In this way, it will have no impact on the appearance of the buildings on which it is mounted. However, its installation is more complicated than that of the heat pipe type, while once it is installed correctly, the solar collector with SEIDO2 direct flow vacuum tube will have much longer operation life than heat pipe type. because the direct flow type has more ports and there is hidden leakage trouble during operation.

PG Series Flat Plate Type
The flat plate solar collector comes with simple structure, low cost, low heat-flow density, reliable operation, etc. In comparison with the all glass vacuum tube type, it has higher pressure bearing ability and larger heat absorbing area based on the gross area of collector . It can not only well absorb the solar energy but also be well integrated with the building.

Sunda is a professional solar collector manufacturer and supplier in China. Our wide range of products includes direct flow vacuum tube solar collector, flat plate split solar water heating system, heat pipe solar vacuum tube and more.

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