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The flat plate solar collector has gained great popularity in Europe and America, owing to its high cost effectiveness, long service life of more than 25 years and zero maintenance. Highly efficient, it can still work in the low temperatures and well resist against pressure. Furthermore, this product features high heat conductivity while low thermal inertia. It can be easily installed and integrated into the buildings. Additionally, it is an ideal choice for the areas in which the solar source is good and the freezing period is very short.

Technical Specifications

Model typePG2.0-F/LPG2.0-F/SPG2.0-F/T
Flat Plate Solar CollectorFlat Plate Solar CollectorFlat Plate Solar Collector
Dimension L×W×H (mm)2013×1013×822000×1000×80
Aperture Area (m2)1.83m21.85m2
Gross Area (m2)2.04m22m2
Gross Weight (kg)4234
CovermaterialLow iron tempered glass
AbsorbermaterialCopper-Aluminum Sunstrip, 138mm widthFull-plate absorber, 0.4mm Aluminum
Surface treatmentAnodizingSputtering Al-N-OSputtering
Construction TypeFin & TubeFull-plate absorber & Tube
Header tubeΦ22mm copper tube, 2pcsΦ22mm copper tube, 2pcs
RiserΦ12mm copper tube, 7pcsΦ10mm copper tube, 8pcs
FrameMaterialAluminum Alloy
InsulationMaterialFiber GlassGlass wool
DensityBack: 45kg / m3, side: 64kg / m3Back: 32kg / m3, Side:24kg /m3
ThicknessBack: 30mm, Side: 25mmBack: 30mm, Side: 28mm
Back plateGalvanized plate, 0.5mmEmbossed aluminum sheet , 0.5mm
Max. operating temperature130℃
Max. operating pressure8 bar9 bar
Sealing profileEPDM
Connection22mm compression fitting

As is known to all, the absorber plays an essential role in the solar collector system. Our absorber adopts the “Sunstrip” absorber which has enjoyed great popularity among customers around the world for decades. The copper tube waterway is entirely enveloped by the metallurgically-bonded aluminum of the fin. The highly corrosion resistant copper and the aluminum featuring light weight and high thermal conductivity give birth to the optimal finned tube. Furthermore, the metallurgical bond offers superior thermal contact, which contributes to the excellent heat absorption and conductivity as well as long-term durability. The Sunstrip fins and absorbers we adopt are characterized by high efficiency, light weight, cost efficiency as well as advanced technology.

Selective Coating
The selective coating on the absorber of the flat plate solar collector is available in the anodized Al or sputtering Al-N-O. Strongly weather resistant, the anodizing coating can protect the absorber from any damage and work well in any place. By contrast, the sputtering coating, an advanced selective coating technology, is able to improve the overall performance of collector effectively for its very high absorptance and lower emittance.

With the international superior efficient absorber layer adopted as the selective coating inside, the solar absorptance can reach 0.95 ± 0.02 and thermal emittance can fall to 0.04± 0.02. Additionally, The PG2.0-F/T model is equipped with a full plate absorber which is made with the full plate laser welding technology for high efficiency and much better appearance

Flat plate solar collector we supply here includes PG2.0-F/L, PG2.0-F/S and PG2.0-F/T models. Taking the PG2.0-F/S as an example, its specification is 2013×1013×82mm and weight is up to 42kg. The thickness of cover plate is about 3.2mm and the light transmittance is over 91%. Furthermore, it adopts harp construction, including 2 copper header with the diameter of 22mm and 7 copper risers with the diameter of 11mm.. This product has excellent heat absorption and transfer capabilities, thus it is able to effectively make use of the solar energy. Additionally, its maximum operating temperature is 130° and the maximum pressure is 8bar.

Sunda is a specialized flat plate solar collector manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides heat pipe solar collector, heat pipe split solar water heating system, direct flow solar vacuum tube, and more.

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