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The SEIDO2 direct flow vacuum tube solar collector, as the name shows, comes with direct flow heat transfer and high vacuum with long-term stability. Apart from the aesthetical appearance, it also features higher efficiency, reliability and durability. Furthermore, this product can be installed at the angle between 0° and 90° to make the absorber surface at the optimum position towards the sun, which make it be more easily integrated into the buildings with aesthetic appearance.

Technical Specifications

Model typeSEIDO2-8SEIDO2-16
Direct Flow Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorDirect Flow Vacuum Tube Solar Collector
Header boxMaterialAluminum
dimension958×108×126 mm1918×108×126 mm
Tube Type SEIDO2 direct flow evacuated tube (flat absorber)
SupportMaterialStainless Steel
TypeTwo side supports and one bottom support with clips
Length ×width ×height (mm)2126×960×1502126×1920×150
Absorber area (m2)1.42.8
Aperture area(m2 1.1  2.2
Gross area (m2) 2.044.08
Weight (kg)50100
Fluid capacity per module1.3L2.6L
Pressure dropper module7mbar (100L/h)20mbar (200L/h)
Max. operating pressure6 bar
Stagnation temperature (module)190℃
Angle of inclination0~90º
Connection22mm compression fitting

Working Principle
The direct flow vacuum tube solar collector is composed of the vacuum tube, inner tube of vacuum tube, manifold and inner manifold. The inner tube is in connection with the vacuum tube and the inner manifold. The heat transfer fluid travels through the inner manifold, inner tube, vacuum tube and manifold successively. Moreover, the fluid between the inner tube and vacuum tube can be easily heated.

The direct flow vacuum tube solar collector includes SEIDO2-8 and SEIDO2-16 models whose header boxes measure 958×108×126mm and 1918×108×126mm, respectively. The SEIDO2-16 can be equipped with 16 SEIDO2 direct flow solar vacuum pipes while the SEIDO2-8 with 8 pieces. Furthermore, the SEIDO2-8 model measures 2126×960×150mm. Its gross area is 2.04m2 and absorber area is 1.4m2.

The above two models are different from each other in performance, so customers can select appropriate products according to their specific requirements.

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