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The SEIDO5 heat pipe solar collector comes with an optimized semi-cylindrical absorber plate, which effectively improves the absorptance of solar irradiation by 10 to 15% annually at different inclination angles. This advantage makes this product suitable for places where there is definite heat demand but only limited available installation area, especially for those have better solar radiation in the morning or evening. This product can also be used for domestic water heating system. Taking up less space, this heat pipe solar collector can be installed at any domestic place. Though having a small size, it can still meet over 70% of the hot water needed by an average household. Furthermore, the high efficiency also makes it perfect for operation of larger systems for commercial or public applications.

Technical Specifications

Model typeSEIDO5-8SEIDO5-8AS SEIDO5-16 SEIDO5-16AS
Heat Pipe Solar CollectorHeat Pipe Solar Collector Heat Pipe Solar Collector Heat Pipe Solar Collector
Header boxMaterialAluminum Aluminum alloy Aluminum Aluminum alloy
ColorBrown Silver Brown Silver
DiameterΦ100mm Φ130mm Φ100mm Φ130mm
Tube Type SEIDO5 heat pipe evacuated tube (bent absorber)
Quantity8 16
SupportMaterialStainless Steel
TypeTwo side supports and one bottom support with clips
Length × width ×height (mm)2126×960×1752141x980x187 2126×1920×175 2141x1940x187
Aperture area(m2)1.833.66
Absorber area (m2) 1.51 3.01
Gross area (m2) 4.15
Weight (kg)50100
Fluid capacity per module0.48L0.96L
Pressure dropper module6mbar (130L/h)15mbar (260L/h)
Max. operating pressure6 bar
Stagnation temperature (module)190℃
Angle of inclination35~90°
Connection22mm compression fitting

The SEIDO5 tubes employed in this heat pipe solar collector are much similar to SEIDO1 types in terms of the larger absorber area as well as specifications. They are heat pipe vacuum tubes designed with plug-in structures for manual adjustment, easy installation and maintenance.

The complete heating circuit is adopted by the heat pipe solar collector to transmit the heat from the collecting device to the indoor hot water storage tank with the assistance of the heat exchanger. Then the water is heated for the domestic applications. Additionally, this hot water tank has a loading capacity of around 300L. In the event that the heat provided by the solar collecting equipment fails to maintain the desirable temperature, the other auxiliary heating system will be activated to accomplish the heating process. There is an electronic control unit, usually referring to the different temperature regulator, used to monitor the temperature of the collector opening constantly to see whether it is higher than that of the indoor hot water storage tank. If greater indeed, then this control unit will switch on the heating circuit.

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