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The SEIDO1 heat pipe solar collector we supply here is available in SEIDO1-8, SEIDO1-8AS, SEIDO1-16 and SEIDO1-16AS models. As an indispensable device in the solar water heating system, it is able to collect together the solar energy scattering here and there. This product features stable performance and optimal construction. Furthermore, it is convenient to install and use while hardly needs maintenance.

The vacuum tubes of the heat pipe solar collector are connected together with the header box and supported with the stainless steel bracket. In addition, the header box varies from models to models. Specifically, for SEIDO1-8 and SEIDO1-16 models, the header box is made of aluminum with a brown surface and its diameter is 100mm while for the SEIDO1-8AS and SEIDO1-16AS models, the header box is manufactured of aluminum alloy with a silvery white surface and its diameter is up to 130mm.

Technical Specifications

Model type SEIDO1-8 SEIDO1-8AS SEIDO1-16 SEIDO1-16AS
Heat Pipe Solar Collector Heat Pipe Solar Collector Heat Pipe Solar Collector Heat Pipe Solar Collector
Header box Material Aluminum Aluminum alloy Aluminum Aluminum alloy
Color Brown Silver Brown Silver
Diameter Φ100mm Φ130mm Φ100mm Φ130mm
Insulation Polyurethane
Tube Type SEIDO1 heat pipe evacuated tube (flat absorber)
Dimension Φ100×2000mm
Quantity 8 16
Support Material Stainless Steel
Type Two side supports and one bottom support with clips
Length × width ×height (mm) 2126×960×175 2141x980x187 2126×1920×175 2141x1940x187
Aperture area(m2) 1.51 3.01
Absorber area (m2) 1.4 2.8
Gross area (m2) 4.15
Weight (kg) 50 100
Fluid capacity per module 0.48L 0.96L
Pressure dropper module 5mbar (100L/h) 12mbar (200L/h)
Max. operating pressure 6 bar
Stagnation temperature (module) 190℃
Angle of inclination 15~90°
Connection 22mm compression fitting

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