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Evacuated Solar Heat Pipe Tube

The SEIDO10 evacuated solar heat pipe tube also uses the flat plate absorber. Its diameter is 70mm and length is 1800mm. As compared with the SEIDO1 and SEIDO5 models, this product is much lighter and more compact. So it is much easier to carry and safe to use. Furthermore, it takes up less space, thus it can be installed in places with limited space.

SEIDO10 Evacuated solar heat pipe tube can be installed at angles from 15 to 90° and weighs 2.6kg. Therefore, it is convenient to install. Inside this product is a heat pipe made of high quality metal whose diameter is 8mm and outside is the high strength borosilicate glass whose thickness is 1.8mm. Accordingly, this product is characterized by outstanding heat absorption and conduction abilities. It can work at -45℃ and its stagnation temperature reaches 233.6℃. In addition, it can bear 1.92J thermal shock. It can adapt to various weather conditions. Based on these advantages, our product is an ideal solution for you to choose.

Technical Specifications

SpecificationHeat pipe evacuated tube with flat absorber
Absorber area 0.1 m2
Weight 2 .6 kg
Installation tilt angle 15 ~ 90°
Dimension Ø70mmx 1800mm
Collector heat pipe Copper Ø 8mm
Absorber material Aluminum, 0.6mm
Selective coating Aluminum nitride Al-N-O selective coating
Absorptance: a > 0.94
Emittance: e < 0.06
Glass tube material Borosilicate glass
Thickness: 1.8 mm
Transmittance: 91%
Vacuum < 10-5 mbar
Min. ambient temperature -45℃
Stagnation temperature233.6℃
Resistance to hail 1.92J

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