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Receiver Tube

The receiver tube is capable of working at 450℃. With a special coating, its absorber has high performance with the absorbance being or more than 0.94. Furthermore, the sealing between metal and glass is processed with the more advanced technology. Owing to the high efficiency, reliability and durability, this product is applicable for solar cooling system with COP up to 1.70.

The receiver tube for high temperature application is the core component of parabolic trough concentrating solar system. It is composed of an inner stainless steel pipe with special coating and an outer glass pipe. Its thermal performance and reliability are determining factors for the working efficiency and economic cost of parabolic trough solar thermal power system. With the receiver tube, parabolic trough concentrating solar collector system (PTC) can be extensively applied in the parabolic trough concentrating solar power plant (CSP), solar air-conditioning, industrial middle or high temperature heating and so on.

Technical Specifications

Model SEIDO 6-1 SEIDO 6-2 SEIDO 6-3
Length (mm)2000 2000 4060
Diameter of absorption tube (mm)38 63.5 70
Diameter of glass tube (mm)102 102 115
Absorptivity ≥0.94
Emittance≤0.06 (80℃), ≤0.12 (400℃)
Transmittance of glass≥0.95
Vacuum (Pa) ≤0.01
Operating temperature (℃ ) 300 390 450
Working pressure (0.1MPa) 15 30 40
Weight (Kg) 6.5 10 25

The receiver tube comes in SEIDO6-1, SEIDO6-2 and SEIDO6-3 models whose lengths are 2000mm, 2000mm and 4060mm, respectively. The diameter of the absorption pipe of each model is 38mm, 63.5mm and 70mm, separately. Moreover, the absorbability gradually increases from SEIDO6-1 to SEIDO6-2 and SEIDO6-3. This series of product adopts the borosilicate glass as the material of the solar photovoltaic modules. With the light transmittance more than 95%, such borosilicate glass is characterized by exceptional heat absorption capacity. Its thickness is up to 2.8mm. When hit by a steel ball whose diameter is 25.4mm falling from 1.5m, such receiver tube still keeps intact. This shows that it has very strong impact resistance, so it can well resist against various rigid weather conditions, like the hail.

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