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Solar Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube

Owing to the adoption of the unique hemispherically shaped absorber, the SEIDO5 solar heat pipe evacuated tube is able to effectively absorb the solar irradiation throughout the day. Furthermore, its absorbed heat is 10 to 15% higher than that of the SEIDO1 model. This product is especially suitable for the places where the solar irradiation in the Moring and evening are both better than those of other places.

The SEIDO5 solar heat pipe evacuated tube is 100mm in diameter and 2000mm in length. Even though it can only be installed at the angles from 35° to 90°, its absorber area rises to 0.225 m2, which increases the solar absorbency to a great extent. Since this product is usually exposed to outdoor environment, we have enhanced its raw material and processing technique to help it cope with various weather conditions. Now, our product has the ability to operate at -45° and the stagnation temperature it can bear reaches 221.1°. Thereby, this product boasts excellent adaptive faculty.

Technical Specifications

Specification Heat pipe evacuated tube with bent absorber
Absorber area 0.225 m2
Weight 4.7 kg
Installation tilt angle35° ~ 90°
Dimension Ø100mm×2000mm
Collect heat pipe Heat pipe copper Ø 8 mm
Absorber material Copper- Aluminum sunstrip, 0.47 mm thickness
Selective coating Aluminum nitride Al-N-O selective coating
Absorptance: a > 0.94
Emittance: e < 0.06
Glass tube material Borosilicate glass
Thickness: 2.8 mm
Transmittance of glass: 91%
Vacuum < 10-5 mbar
Min. ambient temperature-45℃
Stagnation temperature221.1℃
Resistance to hail 11J+-1J

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