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Heat Pipe Solar Vacuum Tube

The SEIDO1 heat pipe solar vacuum tube is 2000mm long. Its diameter is 100mm and weight is 4.6 kg. With the installation tilt angle ranging from 15° to 90°, this product can be easily installed on the roofs with various sloping angles. Since adopting the flat plate absorber, it not only has a compact structure but also an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The heat pipe solar vacuum tube is ideally suited for the places which have strong solar irradiation at noon. Though it takes up little space, its absorber area is up to 0.173 m2. Therefore, it has strong ability to absorb the solar energy.

Technical Specifications

Specification Heat pipe evacuated tube with flat absorber
Absorber area 0.173 m2
Weight 4.6 kg
Installation tilt angle 15° ~ 90°
Dimension Ø100mm×2000mm
Heat pipe Heat pipe copper Ø8 mm
Absorber material Copper- Aluminum Sunstrip, 0.47 mm thickness
Selective coating Aluminum nitride Al-N-O selective coating
Absorptance : a > 0.94
Emittance : e < 0.06
Glass tube material Borosilicate glass
Thickness: 2.8 mm
Transmittance of glass: 91%
Vacuum < 10-5 mbar
Min. ambient temperature-45℃
Stagnation temperature234.8℃
Resistance to hail 11J+-1J

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